Swirling in the Oceano

September 6, 2008

I am unsure what path my future will take… where will I go, what will I do?  My camcorder/editing situation is not at it’s brightest, and I am heavily considering returning the camcorder, the JVC Everio GZ-HD7, because it shoots to HD and saves to .tod.   Premiere Pro 1.0, my current NLE, is less than desirable as well, because I have had a/v out of sync troubles with it.  Who knows what will be the solution?  God does.

A friend recommended this camera (the friend was joking btw,)

Check out the RED camera:

I have looked into Final Cut Pro as well, (or Final Cut Studio,) and it looks promising.  But I have not done all my research.  I am pretty sure I can convert my files through Cyberlink BD solution, with PowerDirector, to FullHD, HD SP, or SD (720×480.)  So, converting with HD is possible, but editing is still a problem.  So, the different problems stack on eachother and the tower of cards falls again and again as I pull out a card from the below.

So, with all these options, ideas, hopes, possibilities – my future – and other’s desires, I am swirling in an ocean of choices, hoping to find my way out.  Oh God, send an albatross.

Who knows what will happen next?  I ask for your prayer, and I look foward to the days when I will be holding the camcorder in hand, acting and filming with others, editing, premiering, posting…

God bless and thanks for listening.


P.S. I do not ask for sympathy.  I do not ask for donations.  I do not require your help.  I humbly request prayer and understanding, and greatly appreciate any suggestions or ideas you have to give.  Thanks.


  1. why dont you use blender to edit hd? I have Premiere Pro 1.5 I beleive and there is a plugin that you can get from Adobe that makes it possbile to edit hd. But blender is capible… I played around with some hd footage and on my wimpy 1.6 amd x2 it did fine for 720p. It has proxy as well so you can edit a low res version and render out a high res version if you want. Blenders vse(video sequence editor) isnt as smooth as Premiere but really most of what I do is cutting anyhow. And to think that I wasted 1500 on a Matrox real time editing board to use with premiere.

  2. I really haven’t tried HD with Blender. My previous experience with SD editing in Blender has been less than satisfactory because the audio and video where of different lengths.

    I will still have to convert video my if I am going to use Blender. With BlenderAVC, a project I hope will work effectively, I will be able to directly edit the .tod in FullHD (though I will likely be using HD SP most of the time.)

    Thank you for the recommendation. Any links or references as to how I should get started with using an HD proxy within Blender?

    Have you had trouble with the video and audio strips being of different lengths? How do you fix this?

    Thanks, much appreciated!

    God bless

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