Minosa (mih-no-suh) is Tutelo for “moon”.  We all have dreams, and hopefully the word “moon” will remind you of those dreams.

Minosa Films is a small Christian film group stationed in the United States, dedicated to providing you clean, quality entertainment.  We don’t just make you laugh, but think.  That’s what we’re about: giving you a perfect film with a powerful message.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our films!


God bless



  1. Attn: Mr. Benjamin Bailey,
    You asked that I verify my sending of the Laura Leinhart Adventures trilogy to Minosa Films. I, the author, did send the three novels synopsis and comments-I believe you did become aware of the numerous errors in spelling and grammar. Sorry about my errors-I should have been more correct about those things.
    The three books were published by Publish America with the most recent being released in April of this year. I do have as part of our agreement with Publish America that they would act as agent in an negotiations with any parties interested in converting the novels to films. I wanted you to be aware of this fact.
    I would be ready, willing and able to be helpful in any way if you are interested in my movie idea.
    I do appreciate your quick reponse to my email and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for the time and attention you have already given this idea.
    Best regards,

  2. Stanley,

    Thank you for speedy verification. I have continued this transaction with you over e-mail.

    God bless,


  3. Hello! I am a Still Photographer. Where are your offices located? Where will Easy Street be filmed?
    Looking forward to your reply,

  4. I have replied to this message over e-mail.

  5. Looks like a nice website – but where are your films and videos?

  6. @Bridget Casas: Excellent point. I started this blog sometime before the summer of 2008. I saved up for a camcorder (the Everio GZ-HD7,) bought it, and then had to figure out how to fit it into my workflow with it’s strange .tod video container format. After trial and error I finally was succeeding it (using BlenderAVC.) However, I am discouraged about filming and editing live action films because I have so little experience, and it may take time until I can create beautiful results. My primary film I want to create at this time is “Is This Love?” a short film about sacrificial love. I need to rework the script, cast two more characters, secure the location, and eventually find someone to do the music. This is amateur, volunteer filmmaking, so do not expect industry-standard quality. Anyhow, I hope that clears things up a bit… sorry for the lack of films, and, if you have any suggestions or critique as to how I can get on my feet with filmmaking, please let me know. Cheers!

  7. Thank you for the reply. Where are you located and where will you be filming? If you went to my Weblog you know I am a photographer in Southern California. I would love to document your work with still photographs. Thank you.

  8. @Bridget Casas: You are very welcome. We will be filming locally, most likely. Yes, please give me the link to your blog. We are stationed in West Virginia, so that’s a big distance for you to travel, sorry. ;( But thank you for the very kind offer! Hopefully if/when we get filming we could take some photographs of the process. Thank you for interest! God bless, -b

  9. You are right – that is a little far! My weblog is at http://www.onegoodphotographer.wordpress.com. Thank you and good luck in your endeavors. I will check back with you periodically.

  10. @Bridget Casas: 🙂 Yes, it takes a while to travel that distance. Alright, thanks! You are very welcome. Wow, thank you, that is great… hopefully you will have more to read about than vegetable animations, thoughts, and writing ideas – that you will be able to see some films. 🙂 Cheers and God bless… I look forward to that day, when my films become reality. 😀 -b

  11. @Bridget Casas: By the way, what is your preferred e-mail address in case I want to contact you? You can reach me at cedarsoflebanon at gmail dot com.

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