July 13, 2008

It’s ordered!  Praise the Lord.

Leap.  Yes, this was a leap.  A leap of expectation, uneasiness, hardware, and more.  I hope it all works out!  Leap!  I wonder… leap!  Well, my last cameras I’ve used are the Canon PowerShot A510 and the Quasar VM-L450, so this new camcorder is a great leap indeed!

This evening (or shall I say, morning) I finally ordered my camcorder, an Everio GZ-HD7.  Quite expensive if you’ve never actually bought your own camcorder before.  (Boy, that was anti-climatic.) ;D  Before I bought it I did some final research into the proprietary file format it puts your video files into, .TOD (HD video) and .MOD (SD video.)  I primarily researched the .tod issue and found out about the .mod one along the way.  You can read up on it here: Struggling with TOD at The Digital Video Information Network, and some solutions: JVC Workflow and Squared 5’s MPEG Streamclip.

As I have no personal experience with the camera and the .tod issues yet I cannot recommend anything beyond what I have read, but I may post on this later.  Basically you can use the software that comes with the Everio GZ-HD7 and save-as the video, or rename it to .m2t, or something… boy, I need to read up on it already!

Anyhow, I better start making some films now that I will have the first step in the equipement.  ;D  I may get Sony Vegas MovieStudio soon, to handle the HD.  (I don’t think Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 does HD.)

So, perhaps this is the end of the tunnel, (or just starting?)

Thanks for listening,

God bless,


P.S. Hope to be making films soon… I may be starting a graphic design company as well, so, we’ll see how all that goes.  But may I not forget my roots.  Thank you one and all!   Thank you John Calloway (http://johncalloway.wordpress.com/) for the help in camera research, and Andrew Duncan for insight into the digital video world!  Thank you all my other friends, supporters, comrades in the arts, and brothers and sisters in Christ… may we all find the path.  God bless, your friend, b


  1. I don’t understand all that stuff about the file types, but I recognise the file extensions you mentioned because that’s what my JVC uses. I haven’t had much joy with the Cyberlink software that come with it, but perhaps I need to persist more. I wanted to use Windows Movie Maker, but that wouldn’t recognise the file type. Charles tells me that if I press the Import button it should work better.

    I have a movie making challenge for you. Today I heard the most amazing testimony from a lady in our church. As I listened to it, it was so graphic, I thought, “This has to be a project for Ben”. It could be a great short movie.

  2. Hey Nicky,

    Thanks for keeping up on the blog! It’s great to have a dedicated reader.

    Right. Well, I think Sony Vegas 7e will allow me to use the .tod files directly. (That’s what a friend just told me about over an e-mail, that is, John Calloway (http://johncalloway.wordpress.com/))

    Besides that I believe you can convert the files (or use some quick system… here, let me look it up…)

    See here: http://www.benzmodz.com/html/jvc_workflow.htm
    (for Cyberlink solution.)

    and here: http://www.squared5.com/
    (for MPEG Streamclip.)

    Hopefully that will help.

    God bless… sleepy eyelids, things going on tomorrow…

  3. oh, and go ahead and send me the testimony of that lady… (typed version or mp3 audio recorded from the service…) and any extra insight you see appropriate. Thanks, we’ll see what happens… -b

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