Talked with Pastor about “Is This Love?”

October 15, 2008

Talked to my pastor some about “Is This Love?” I now have some extra stamina and idea on what to do, which is great! Thanks, Pastor! To do: brief rehearsals (~15mins) after church (running through the script,) a two-day schedule (getting used to the location on day one and shooting on day two,) and some more things.

Watched an episode of an old TV show called “The Rockford Files.” The episode is called “Foul On The First Play.” It was enjoyable. 😉 (There is one bad word in it… at least?)

Wrote a review for Fireproof (see the official site) for StreetSteeple.com this morning. Hopefully that will get online soon. Will post a link. Completed a design for poster that will be at a booth at Bridge Day, advertising that Borders (a large book company) will be giving 10% of sales on Bridge Day to the New River Youth Symphony and Chorus… I also played some Atom’o’run (X-Mas version) on Fedora 8 today… that was fun. 🙂 A very simple game that is surprisingly enticing.

Hopefully we will be rehearsing the “Is This Love?” script soon. 😉

More later?
God bless,

P.S. Still looking forward to NaNoWriMo!

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