1. Yo this is banor the web moderator and aspiring filmmaker writing from an itouch
    Watched Fireproof today and what an inspiring and wonderful film
    Something to follow after
    It’s not about the visuals it’s about the story all the way through
    May our pathes be blessed as those we aspire after
    God bless
    Your friend

  2. Excellent poem,

    The questions that this asks are ones that only you can answer, but the search is the important part of life.

    NathanKP – Imagination Manifesto

  3. Thank you, NathanKP! Great to hear from you! Yes, I must find the answers, and can’t rely on others to find them for me, but I don’t think the answers lie within myself. You are right, the journey is very important, and it is a bittersweet road.

    Thanks for the comment!
    God bless,

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