Not sure what’s ahead

August 25, 2008

As the days pass by and progress is made in various areas, one may wonder what happened to Minosa Films – like, where are the films?!

Well, I suppose everything has a journey.  And each journey has it’s pilgrims, and once in a while, you run across a hero.  Well, I am a pilgrim.  And I need to do my part, and my part is not only the technical side of making sure we have a camcorder that will work, but scripts to make movies from.  So, I need to write scripts.  We have one script for a film titled “Is This Love?”, and I plan to make revisions upon it (basically add to/and or rewrite it.)  I think it would be wise to have more than one script on hand, so, I need to write! 😉

Recently I found out about a neat project called Morevna Project.  Check it out here: morevnaproject.org.  I am considering contributing to it.  From the website:

The main goal of Morevna Project is creation of full-lengthened anime movie, utilizing Open Source software only.

Other goals:

  • Promotion of Open Source software and its ideology.
  • Testing and improving existing Open Source products by giving appropriated feedback to developers and community.
  • Validate Open Source tools as suitable for creation of professional good-looking animation.
  • Provide content for other artists to learn from or to re-use, including documentation and tutorials

Main production tools:

Also, check out this neat song by Staffan Svahn, called Red Hills.

And now back to what I need to do.  God bless!



  1. I used to think I had to rush and make a film right out of college, but actually it’s fun to do a lot of different things in the meantime, learning helping others. Making a living, however you do it, can be honorable. If it’s a passion, you’ll make something when the time is right and for the reasons that inspire you. I wouldn’t take it too hard if you experience a lull. I also wouldn’t narrow your opportunities to one type of film. You may find an uncommon niche where you are most needed, rather than lock into a specific software, or genre.



    PS, if you want to take action now, but feel delayed because you need a great script, consider shooting the script nearly as-is as a film test just to get a feel of how it will play out. Even if it means substituting scenery for whatever is in your living room or garage. That way you’ve made progress and it will drive the process of writing, motivating you to pick up the camera, play with angles. If it’s all digital, you still need actors and character movement. It’s stuff you can use later like expressions, tones to improve your direction for the real deal.

  2. Mike,

    Thank you so much! That is the very best comment I have ever received on Minosa Films! Thanks a lot!

    Yes, that is a good idea to shoot a pre-final version, to get some ideas flowing/test it out.

    Thanks so much!

    God bless,

    Benjamin Bailey

    P.S. Wonderful comment!

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