Open Doors and Closed Ones

July 8, 2008

I find that a lot of times my ideas for stories should stay away from films because they just don’t seem to fit. Especially because of our somewhat limited resources for SFX and stuff. Like we can’t do massive explosions and dramatic stuff like that. (Not implying that there has to be explosions or anything violent:))

Alot of times I like at this and think, “Well another closed door”. Maybe we shouldn’t look at it as just a closed door though. Maybe instead we should look at it like, “Well that door isn’t open maybe God wants us to do it another way.”

Maybe God is encouraging us to explore all of our outlets. Find out that there doesn’t have to be big SFX for a movie. I’m not implying that we should settle with second best though, I’m saying maybe instead of looking at what we don’t have, look at what we do have. This all sounds old to most people, I’m sure, but I have to constantly remind myself of it.

I think that we can make perfectly worthy films with what we have.  Maybe there are somethings we can’t do yet but God want’s us to find out what we can do without many resources before He let’s us find out what we can do with all the professional stuff.

-Samuel Casto

aka aspiring author, inspirational writer, and new author to the Minosa Film’s blog (created by our illustrious leader Banor and made possible by the magnificence, glory, and love of our Creator.)

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