The Art of War: Conquest

June 15, 2008

To many people this post’s header may sound like an excellent title for the next stellar MMORPG, but sadly to disappoint you, it actually refers to my days ahead.

After talking to a very wise person I have come to the realization that in order to reach my dreams I must first conquer them.

“How?” you ask “How can one possibly conquer his dreams? Don’t you just contemplate about what you want to do, think about it long enough, and wish with your fingers crossed and go out pick up your dreams?”

No, you conquer them. It’s a war.

You must not conquer them with eager wishes, but with a dedicated strategy. Decide what your dream really is, and then pursue it with the mind of conquest.

The following conversation maps out the process I will take this fictional character through to discover what he really wants to do (and how to go about it.)

“I want to make films”

oh really? Alright, what kind of films do you want to make?

“Powerful films, masterfully crafted and moving to the heart”

Good, sounds real good. So, what’s your first film idea?


What is your first film? Don’t tell me you don’t know what your film is going to be about.


Alright, there’s your first problem.

“OK, fine, it’s about a man looking for his son who ran away ten years ago. This man was a drunkard, but now he remembers his son, his only son, who he once held as dear as his life. But when he lost his job to drinking, and his wife to a mistress, he forgot his son, and his son determined to forget his father. This story tells of how his father awoke, and how he searches to his uttermost to find his son, and dies in his efforts.”

Sounds good. So, got a camera?


Actors? Actresses? Filming location, schedule, crew?

“Uh, no”

What about a budget?

“For what?”

(Sigh, this guy needs a shrink) for your equipment and other expenses.

“Well, I thought about it, but I want to do it without using any money”

Good luck

“No, really -“

No money at all?


Alright, OK. That’s fine, but you will most likely need some money to fund for your “wonderful” camera, et cetera.

“Well, I can just borrow someones camera”

No, get your own.

“OK… why?”

Because it’s like borrowing your friend’s piano – you need to practice on your own, not be parasitic on someone else’s hard earnings. You need to share, yes, but if you are going to pursue filmmaking, you should get your own camera.

“Well, alright…so once I get my new shiny camera I’ll be all set?”


“Well, I have my eagerness to film, and a camera to do it – I’m all set!”

No, no, no, no. What about getting everyone at the same place to film? A script? Storyboards? actors, actresses? Hello?!

“Hey, come’on man, that’s the scary part. I’ll figure that out when I come to it”

Good luck


I could continue this rather boring conversation for a long time. But I’d rather not. It’s getting late and I need to get to my point. No matter the size or length of your production, YOU NEED TO PLAN AHEAD, for the good and the bad, the best and the worst.

Without a plan, you’ll never win the war.

May you conquer your dreams.



  1. Neat post 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks! ;D

    I imagine you’re a Blender user (and a frequent checker of BlenderNation, like me,) I may have seen you’re avatar somewhere in the comments before.

    Anyhow, thanks for checking out my ‘humble’ little film blog. ;D Great meeting you and best wishes,

    God bless,
    -b (ArtIsLight)

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