Blender 3D 2.46 Released!

May 23, 2008

How can I write about MaPZone and not mention Blender 3D’s new release, Blender 2.46! Blender is one of, if not my favorite, program I use. It is an excellent 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing program – and besides that, it’s open source, which means you can get it for free! (open source = free content and free code, so that the community can contribute what they think is needed, resulting in a rounded, professional package and frequent releases.)

It’s got a bunch of new features, so go ahead and check it out now!


Check out Blender’s new features!

Keep in mind, however, that Blender is a very complicated program and may take you a long time to learn how to use. If you have any questions as you are learning it, feel free ask me over e-mail or IM – I’d be more than glad to help. I still have a ton to learn myself…

God bless,



  1. Do you think Blender is as good as 3D max for professional 3D renderings?


  2. Mike,

    Your question was such a good one I decided to make a complete post about it.

    Check it out here: https://minosafilms.wordpress.com/

    Thanks so much for asking!
    God bless,

  3. Sorry, here is the post link: https://minosafilms.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/is-blender-as-good-as-3d-max-for-professional-3d-renderings/

  4. Hi banor!

    I see that you are very interested in 3D rendering. I was thinking that maybe you could write a short article about dk.lazyanimation.com (with a link) and then we would happily write about your blog OR make a free 3D rendering for you.

    Please reply to my email or blog,

    Kind Regards,


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