Past Posts from Sogno Films blog

May 16, 2008

Here are the posts from the last blog, Sogno Films. See the actual blog here: http://sognofilms.wordpress.com

New name for the filming gang

Recently I found out that the name Songo Films is not unique! Uh oh! Here’s the other site that has the same name: sognofilms.com

Well, so much for that! At least we had a neat name for a few weeks!

I’ve been brainstorming some other ideas, and I will make sure to let you know when the new blog is up, broadcasting our new name! Thanks for listening,


P.S. But I am very thankful for the first name. It is a good name.

“Is This Love?” Revised – Script Written!

Praise God! The revised script for “Is This Love?” (see storyboard sample from the last post) is written!

Filming days are not too far off, maybe.



Storyboards for “Is This Love?” (Draft 1) are drawn!

This morning I drew up the storyboards for “Is This Love?”. The film is still in pre-production/concept stage. Here is a sized-down image of one of the storyboards. The first storyboard of \ Hope you enjoy, God bless, -b

Script Ideas Welcome

I’ve been brainstorming on some film ideas, but I have yet to write the scripts once a feasible idea comes. So, keep praying for me that some great, workable stories will arise and that I will be able to write the scripts well. From there, prayer for the preparations, and once we actually start the filming.

Thanks, God bless!

P.S. Script ideas are welcome, so, if you have any suggestions, please send them straight away to sognofilms@gmail.com. Thanks!

P.P.S. Three scripts wanted: 1 action, 1 drama, and either another drama, or something else.

Welcome to Sogno Films!

Sogno Films will be making some short films soon. Currently we are preparing for the filming work and I will be writing some scripts.

Looking forward to creating those films!

God bless

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